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The most perfectly crafted bite, an unexpected flavor tucked inside a delicate dish, and plating that would surprise even the most judgmental among us, dishes served up by The Copper Key never fail to delight us.

Led by Chef Guus Wickenhagen and Michael Duddie, this culinary match moved from elite kitchens in Michelin star restaurants to global landmarks around the world only to find themselves hungry for something different.

They partnered with The MacArthur in 2016 to create uncompromising dishes with unbelievable flavor.

A tray of fancy appetizers

Chef Wickenhagen

From his start as a teenager to his apprenticeship in the elite, Michelin Star kitchen of De Hoop Op d’Swarte Walvis of Zaandam in The Netherlands, Chef Wickenhagen’s passion for cooking only got hotter.

With an eye for global cuisine and a taste for travel, Chef Wickenhagen joined Supperclub in Amsterdam, where he quickly rose to Executive Chef and cemented the restaurant’s reputation for innovative menus.

“The joy eating brings us can never be underestimated.  It nourishes our bodies, builds community and creates lasting memories.  So eat well and enjoy!”

As Executive Chef, Wickenhagen has created menus for world-renown restaurants in Amsterdam, Rome, St. Petersburg, London, Barcelona, San Francisco, and now, Los Angeles, where he co-creates with his business partner, Michael Duddie.

Tray pass: carb cake
Tray pass: Crispy goat cheese apple compote

Michael Duddie

For the past fifteen years, Michael Duddie has proved to be a leading innovator and operator of food and beverage experiences in Los Angeles.  His start in LA hospitality is rooted with beloved and wildly popular destinations, from Mirabelle on Sunset to Supperclub Los Angeles.

Michael first met Chef Wickenhagen on a trip to the Netherlands in 2009, where they formed their lasting friendship.  From there, they started their first catering company that led to the rise of The Copper Key.  Michael’s core philosophy on Food & Beverage Service is intense preparation and relentless scrutiny of the details.

“Our job is to see, well in advance, what others will only see once it’s too late.  We need to know precisely what you will want before you do and have it ready on a beautiful platter the moment you realize you want it. That is the art.”

Michael continues to help some of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands help craft memorable culinary experiences for their guests and create lasting moments that indelibly last in their hearts and minds.

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Plated entree with fish
Plated entree with tempura
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