The MacArthur was built in 1925 by the Elks, who originally designated it Elk’s Lodge Number 99. Throughout the years, The MacArthur has entertained some of the most illustrious characters in Hollywood and has been featured in countless films, television shows and commercials. During the 1932 Summer Olympics, The MacArthur also hosted a number of the indoor swimming events in its basement pool. 

When the Elks sold the building in the early 1970s, the building was transformed into one of the most coveted luxury hotels in Los Angeles: The Park Plaza Hotel. However, as the area surrounding MacArthur Park

became increasingly dangerous, The MacArthur fell into disrepair. The building then became a popular venue for underground punk rock shows throughout the 80s and 90s.

During this time, many of the surrounding landmarks on Wilshire Boulevard fell prey to the wrecking ball. Despite this, the City of Los Angeles thought the architecture of The MacArthur significant enough to designate it as a Historic-Cultural Monument. Under new ownership, The MacArthur is currently being restored to its original grandeur. While The MacArthur is no longer a hotel, it remains a popular venue for filming and events.