The MacArthur is excited to introduce our culinary team: The Copper key, led by Chef Guus Wickenhagen and Michael Duddie. 

Chef Wickenhagen began his culinary career as a teenager, eventually working his way into the elite kitchen of the renowned De Hoop op d'swarte Walvis, at his Michelin star rated restaurant in The Netherlands.

Chef Wickenhagen first developed his passion for cooking at the age of 14, when he followed his older brother, Thijs, to the renowned Hubertus Middelbare School for the Culinary Arts in Amsterdam.

Soon thereafter, Chef Wickenhagen began his apprenticeships across the kitchens of the Netherlands, where he eventually joined supperclub Amsterdam to pursue his interest in contemporary global cuisine.  He quickly rose to the position of Executive Chef, helping cement the restaurant’s reputation for innovative menus. As Executive Chef, Wickenhagen has traveled the globe cooking from Amsterdam, Rome, St. Petersburg, London, Barcelona, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In 2009, Chef Wickenhagen met his now business partner, Michael Duddie, and the two expressed an interest in working together.  They joined forces in 2013 and formed their first company, and current partnership, The Copper Key.